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Real Estate in Portland

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Discover portland Oregon!

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How much it actually costs to live in Portland Oregon

Wondering how much it costs to live in Portland, Oregon? We’re sharing up to date information about what you can expect to pay living in PDX

North Portland Oregon - everything you need to know

Northeast Portland Oregon is one of the most desirable areas to live in the city of Portland. Discover the neighborhoods in NE PDX.

What to know about ADU's in Portland, Oregon

An in-depth guide to ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units) in Portland, Oregon by local realty experts so you can easily get started

Most Asked Questions about Moving to Portland, Oregon

Answers to frequently asked questions about moving to Portland, Oregon by PDX local realtor experts in the area

Portland Max Train Explained: All Routes and Maps

A local guide to the Portland MAX Train system for easy to use public transportation within the Portland Oregon metro area

North Portland Oregon - everything you need to know

We’re sharing the things you need know about living & moving to North Portland Oregon, a beautiful section of PDX

10 Things you MUST know about Condominiums in the Portland, Oregon

The Top 10 Things you MUST know about Condominiums in the Portland, Oregon Metro area & why it may be a better choice than a house.

Is Portland the new California?

Read on to discover the myths and truths about living in Portland versus living in California & find out which is better to move to

Where to stay & Things to do in Portland, OR

Learn about the different areas of Portland Oregon & what there is to do in each, so that when you buy a home here you’ll love your neighborhood

3 Things to know about Price per Square Foot

What does price square foot mean in the city of Portland? If you’re looking to buy a home in Portland you’ll want to know these 3 things

Living in Canby, Oregon

Find out what it’s like living in Canby, Oregon; a historic, community based town with gorgeous country views.

Full Tour of the Sections of Portland

The Portland Metro Area is a pretty expansive space. This will help you choose what area you should live in Portland, Oregon.

Cost of living in Bend, Oregon

Cost of Living in Bend, Oregon – how does it compare to Portland & what income do you need to live in Bend, Oregon?

7 of Portland's Most Prestigious Membership Clubs

If you’re looking for luxury homes in Portland, Oregon, the areas that surround these hotspots are some of the top areas to live.

Living In California vs Bend, Oregon

Is living in California vs Bend, Oregon better, worse, or just different? Read on to find out what makes Bend OR a great option outside of CA

Northeast versus Southeast Portland - Which is better?

Wondering what it’s like to live in Northeast or Southeast Portland? Everything to know about living east of the Willamette & either side of East Burnside Street.

Cost of living in Salem, Oregon

Looking at moving to Salem, OR? You may be interested in the many fiscal benefits. We’re breaking down the cost of living in Salem, Oregon, compared to Portland.

Living in Milwaukie, Oregon

Milwaukie Oregon is a suburb of Portland that’s just now becoming more popular, and for good reason. Learn why Milwaukie is a great area.

10 Things you don't know about living in Portland, Oregon

In order to know if you should live in Portland, you need to know these 10 things that most newcomers don’t know about Portland, Oregon.

West Linn, Oregon

West Linn is a Portland neighborhood that is coming up in relocators conversations more & more. Find out why this neighborhood has people talking.

Living in Bend vs Portland, Oregon

Bend or Oregon? Both are incredible places to live – Get the insight you need to choose between living in Bend versus Portland, Oregon.

12 Reasons everyone is moving to Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego has quickly become a top suburb in the Portland Metro area – here are 12 reasons why everyone loves it & is moving to Lake Oswego

Everything you need to know about moving to Vancouver, Washington

Considering moving to Vancouver, Washington? Read this to find everything you need to know about the area of Vancouver, WA.

Top 3 Neighborhoods in Wilsonville

Discover the best neighborhoods to live in Wilsonville, Oregon, a neighborhood of Portland that’s just south of the city.

Living in the Pearl District

Discover why the Pearl District is one of the most desirable places to live in the entire Portland, Oregon Metro.

6 Best Views in Portland, OR

Discover Portland’s most incredible views and the neighborhoods that give you access to them – these are the six best views in PDX!

Pros & Cons of living in Salem, Oregon

We’re sharing the pros & cons about what it’s like to live in Salem, Oregon, so that you can decide if this charming city is right for you.

Where to live in Salem, Oregon

Salem, Oregon is quickly becoming a popular place to live- only a quick drive from Portland & affordable homes, discover where to live in Salem, OR!

Top 3 Secret Neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon

These three secret neighborhoods of Portland Oregon are still considered to be ‘secret’ or ‘undiscovered’ by many looking to move to the area

Top 3 Favorite Fastest Growing Cities in Portland OR

These three cities in Portland are quickly expanding to be the best ares to live in the Portland Metro area.

Pros & Cons of Living in Bend, Oregon

The Pros of living in Bend Oregon far outweigh the cons. Gorgeous scenery, plenty to do & a growing job scene all make Bend OR a great place to live.

Top 3 Areas to live in Downtown Portland, OR

The TOP 3 hottest spots for downtown living in Portland, Oregon- For the ultimate livability factor, you’d be hard pressed to find downtown neighborhoods better than these.

Buying a House as a Veteran

All of the most recent requisites for obtaining a VA loan without the headache. It can actually be surprisingly easy to get & use!

Top 7 Fastest-Growing Neighborhoods in Portland

Buying a home in Portland is a good investment & in order to make a great investment you should know the fastest growing neighborhoods of PDX

7 Tips to Save a Ton of Money when Moving to Portland

It’s true that costs for moving can rack up quickly, which is why we’re sharing our 7 best tips for saving money when moving to Portland, OR.

Cost of Living in Beaverton, Oregon

Former farming town, now home to the Nike Headquarters, discover what it costs to live in this popular area of Portland, OR.

9 Best Portland Suburbs to Live in

Portland’s suburbs have so much to offer, especially if you’re looking for more space that’s also more affordable. Here are Portland’s 9 best suburbs.

The Cost of Living in Hillsboro, Oregon

The cost of living in Hillsboro Oregon is wonderfully afforadable, which has made it one of THE fastest growing areas in Portland Metro area.

Portland's Top New Luxury Homes

Check out Portland Newest Luxury Homes! Our evaluation of the “Street of Dreams” beautiful luxury homes in the Portland Metro area.

7 Wealthiest Neighborhoods in Portland

Looking for an upscale neighborhood to move to in the Portland area? We’re going over the 7 wealthiest neighborhoods that Portland has to offer.

Best Neighborhoods in Portland to move to with a Family

Want to know the best neighborhoods to live in Portland, Oregon, with a family? We found the top 5 best & safest neighborhoods for families in PDX.

The 5 Worst Things about Living in Portland, OR

The Portland Metro area is incredbible, but like anywhere else it has it’s cons. We’re addressing the 5 worst things about living in Portland.

76 Ways to Prep Your Portland Home to Sell

Is the thought of the prep you’ll need to sell your home overwhelming? We’ve put together an epic list of 76 ways you can prep your Portland home to sell

What to expect with home inspections in Portland, Oregon

Want to know what to expect with home inspections in Portland, OR? We’re sharing our insight as realtors in PDX about what homebuyers should look out for during a home inspection.

How much does it rain in Portland ?

The weather in Portland is a hot topic. Does it rain every day in PDX? Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain all day, every day in Portland.

What You Need to Know About Buying an Older Home in Portland

Many older Portland houses are full of charm, but also full of surprises. We’re discussing what you need to know about buying an older home in Portland.

Top 10 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Vancouver, Washington

There are tons of Vancouver WA neighborhoods that have become popular with young families & retirees relocating here. Discover the best spot for you!

Architectural Styles in Portland Oregon

When it comes to home architecture styles in Portland Oregon, the styles embody the eccentric spirit of Portland. We’re guiding you through the most popular home styles in PDX.

17 things to know before moving to Vancouver Washington

Everything you need to know before you move to Vancouver, WA- this city is perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful place to live.

Buying a house in Portland Oregon, is Portland in a recession?

Wondering about the volatility of the housing market in Portland OR? We sat down with Noah Blanton, one of the top economists in PDX, to discuss all questions related to the Portland housing market

5 things you must do before you move to Portland Oregon

We’ve been helping people relocate to Portland for years & have come up with 5 things that you absolutely MUST do before moving here.

Gov't Lowered Interest Rates - Should I Refinance my Portland Home?

We’re breaking down what COVID-19 means for the real estate market, and how that affects people who are looking to buy a home in Portland, Oregon.

24 Top Things to do in Portland, OR

There are endless things to do in Portland, Oregon. Our city has more to do than most visitors will have the time to find – check it out!

West Portland Oregon

West PDX is an absolute hidden gem just outside of the city. Perfect for families & professionals, this is a spot where you’ll find plenty of real estate perks

18 things Portlander's know that newcomers won’t understand

If you’re a Portland newcomer or are planning to move to PDX, bookmark this page because there is quite a bit that make this city a unique place to live.

Southeast Portland Oregon

SE PDX is one of the most exciting up & coming spots in the city. If you’re looking to buy a home in PDX for a reasonable price, this area has an incredible amount of untapped potential.

Renting vs Buying in Portland, Oregon

“Should I rent or buy a house in Portland, Oregon?” A question many ask themselves when moving to Portland – and we have all the info for you to answer it!

Retiring in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

We’re going into the nuts & bolts on retiring in either of these cities & why you might choose to retire in one over the other.

What is it like to live in Portland Oregon?

Portland has a reputation for being a quirky city in the Pacific Northwest, learn more about the city that has developed an aura in today’s pop culture.

19 Things You Need to Know About living in Portland, OR

Thinking about moving to Portland, Oregon? There are a few important things to know about this awesome city before you arrive. Read about them here.

Living in Sherwood, Oregon

Sherwood, Oregon – a top city in the U.S., and only a short drive to Portland – find out why yournext move should be to this luxury & affordable city.

Top 3 FAQ's Answered about Moving to PDX

We’re diving into the top 3 Frequently Asked Questions we get from people who are looking for advice on moving to Portland, Oregon

3 Reasons Portland Sucks to Live in

Here are major complaints about PDX that we hear time & again, that are blown way out of proportion. If you’re thinking about moving to Portland, read this.

15 Most In-Demand Neighborhoods in Portland

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 most in-demand neighborhoods in the Portland Metro and some areas of Washington state too – find out which is best for you!

Six Steps to Moving to Portland

Follow our simple 6 steps for moving to Portland & you’ll find your move to be a stress free event that you can look forward to.

Top 5 Neighborhoods in Vancouver, WA

Across the river from Portland, lies Vancouver, WA-an incredible place to live, work, play, & raise a family. Check out the TOP neighborhoods to live here!

8 tips what NOT to do when buying a home in Portland Oregon

We’re helping to demystify some of the larger elements that could have an impact when you go to close on your dream home in Portland, OR

Is Portland is Safe?

We’re reviewing the safest neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon. Feel confident when moving here knowing that it’s the best choice for you & your family.

Cost of Living in PDX vs California

Thousands of people leave California for Portland each year – Find out what makes living in Portland, Oregon, so appealing.

6 Simple Steps to Moving to Vancouver, WA

Considering moving to Vancouer, Washington? If so, follow our 6 easy steps for a seamless transition to find your new home!

What’s it like moving to PDX?

Learn about the moving journey of one Portland family – their experiences compared to expectations and what newcomers looking to move can prepare for

Portland Oregon real estate trends 2019 recap

A recap of the biggest trends in the Portland, Oregon real estate market in 2019 – and where the real estate market will go in 2020

Tualatin Oregon

If you’re looking for a safe environment, that’s centrally located with more bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with Tualatin, Oregon.

Living in Vancouver Washington vs. Portland Oregon

Is Oregon better than Washington or the other way around? We’ve sought out the pros and cons of living in Vancouver, WA compared to Portland, OR.

Top 3 'Hoods' in North Portland

If you’re looking into moving to Portland, you have a lot of different neighborhoods to choose from – discover North Portlands best neighborhoods to live in

10 worst neighborhoods to live in Portland Oregon

It’s pretty rare to find anyone talking about the worst neighborhoods to live in Portland, but they do exist. Check out the ten worst neighborhoods to live in Portland.

Happy Valley Oregon Cost Of Living

Just East of Portland, Happy Valley, Oregon can get you a lot more house for your money; without compromising on atmosphere or style.

The BEST Place to live in the Center of Portland

We’re going to go in-depth and show you a place that’s right in the middle of everything & the different styles of living available in central Portland.

Top 5 Hottest 'Hoods' in Portland

Want to know what the hottest neighborhoods are in this fast-growing city? We made a list of the best neighborhoods to live in the Portland area.

10 Biggest Employers in Portland

Portland’s ‘Silicon Forest’ is home to some of the biggest & best brands in the world – Read on for the largest 10 companies in Portland.

TOP 5 Best Neighborhoods in Portland

Sharing the top 5 best neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon, including the types of housing found there, walkability, & things to do in each neighborhood.

8 Portland Myths Debunked

Over the years, quite a few myths have surfaced about Portland, Oregon. So, we thought it only right that we share some of these myth-busting truths.

Cost of Living in PDX vs Seattle, WA

Only 3 hours drive from each other, Portland & Seattle have many differences between each other. Most importantly, the vast difference in cost of living.

Best School Districts to live in PDX in 2020

You’re moving to Portland, OR with your family & you’re looking for the best schools. Read on for all of the top school districts in the Portland Metro area.

TOP 5 Neighborhoods in Southeast Portland

Known for its diverse range of neighborhoods, the Southeast area of Portland offers something for everyone. Check out the best neighborhoods in SE Portland.

TOP 5 Neighborhoods in Northeast Portland

One of Portland’s top sought after areas to live in, check out our recommendations for places to live when looking to purchase a home.

How much money for you need to Buy a home in Portland?

Homes in Portland, Oregon are selling much faster than the national average. We’re sharing what it takes to find your dream home in Portland.

Pros & Cons of Living in Portland, Oregon

Moving to a new city is a really big deal. With so many factors, it can be hard to choose. Here are our top five pro’s and con’s to living in Portland.

TOP 5 Places to Live on the West Side of Portland

There are many neighborhoods and suburbs to select from on the West side of the Willamette River. Here are our top 5 suggestions for home owners.

Living in Lake Oswego

Glimpse into Oregon’s highly sought after area, Lake Oswego. Check out why it’s one of the most livable cities in the U.S.

The Cost of Living in Portland, Oregon

How much does it cost to live in Portland, Oregon? We break down the major costs to give an accurate view on living in Portland.

Where to Live in Portland, Oregon

With five different regions, Portland metro is enormous. It’s such a diverse city, we cover the pros & cons of each so you won’t miss out on your perfect place to live.

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