Portland Suburbs

Portland Suburbs

Portland is an incredible city, and it’s home to a wide range of suburbs, each offering a unique experience. These ‘burbs, plus the city of Portland, makeup the Portland Metropolitan area.

If you’re thinking of moving to Portland, you will have a ton of suburbs within the PDX metro area to choose from.

With over 2.35 million residents in the Portland area, there’s a new, vibrant culture around every corner. Whatever lifestyle you’re looking for, Portland has the neighborhood to match. If you’re interested in moving to Portland, Oregon, here are some top suburbs you’ll want to check out.

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Top Suburb Neighborhoods  around Portland

Lake Oswego

Situated approximately eight miles south of Portland, Lake Oswego is a popular destination for people who are looking for a serene retreat with easy access to downtown Portland and other suburbs as well. It has abeautiful lake, stunning homes, and lots of fantastic,family-friendly parks. Lake Oswego is the perfect place for families and retirees who want lots of easy-going recreational activities in a picturesque setting.

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West Linn

West Linn is another popular destination for families, as well as educated young professionals. In fact, the percentage of people in this area who have a bachelor’s degree or aboveis 56.2%. CNN has featured West Linn multiple times as one of the best places to live in the United States. It’s also only 15 miles south of Portland, so the hustle and bustle of our beautiful city is not far away.

Oregon City, OR

As the first incorporated city on the west side of the Rockies, Oregon City has a rich historical tradition. There are lots of museums and other historical sights to see, including theoldest house in Clackamas county. If you’re looking to move to Oregon City, just know that it’s a little further out than the other suburbs, requiring a 22-mile commute along the 205 and 5 highways to get into downtown Portland, but that gives you ample time to appreciate the amazing scenery that comes with Oregon.


Nestled in the Tualatin Valley, seven miles west of Portland, is one of its more prominent suburbs. Home to Nike World Headquarters, Beaverton has a very strong economy, and it’s responsible for making all of Portland’s economy strong. In 2017, Money magazine ranked Beaverton as one of the 100 best places to live. Many families like Beaverton because of its quiet community, plentiful jobs, and close proximity to a ton of outdoor parks and rec.

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Situated 10 miles southeast of Portland, Clackamas is a relatively small unincorporated community of approximately 7,000 people. As it is home to Camp Withycombe, a military base, this community is popular with military personnel and families. You’ll also find the Clackamas River here, which offers a fun way to spend summer days.


Located 10 miles southwest of Portland is Tigard–a reasonably sizable city with a positive impact on the state as a whole. Tigard is home to many large companies, including Consumer Cellular and LaCie. It’s also home to the Broadway Rose Theatre Company, an award-winning non-profit musical theatre company. They offer many shows per year for a fun night on the town. Tigard is a fantastic destination for families looking for work, fun, and quality housing.


Milwaukie, home of theBing cherry, is also a great destination for families. It’s located just seven miles from the Portland city center, so you’re close to all the action. Avid bakers will appreciate theBob’s Red Mill tour, which is in Milwaukie. Plentiful coffee shops, an awesome farmers market, and access to the Willamette River make this small city a first-rate place to live.

Portland Suburb Neighborhoods


Beaverton is known to be one of the most welcoming places to live, one of the most accessible areas to live in, and one of the best places to own a business in, and raise a family in.


Located in the Tualatin Valley, on the west part of the Portland Metropolitan Area, Hillsboro is the most affordable city in Oregon.

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The suburbs discussed here are some of the most popular suburbs to move to around Portland, Oregon. If you’re looking to move to one of Portland’s suburbs, but you’re not sure which one, contact us and we’ll help you find the right fit for you.

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